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Domain name is what serves as your website’s unique identity online. Your website or blog wouldn’t be possible without a domain name. Similar to your street address that tells people where you live, a domain helps your customers or readers to drive directly to your website. Looking for unique cheap domains? We can help you find one that you’ll surely love.


Tips to Choose Your Perfect Domain Name

First and foremost, spend some time searching on the web to make sure you are not choosing an existing domain name. Then consider these tips for you to get the best domain name for your website.
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Easy to remember

Your domain name serves as your identity on the web. Use keywords that best describes the niche of your website. One advantage of having an easy to remember domain is having much more potential traffic from customers or readers. If your domain name is easy to remember, your customers can revisit your website in any web browser just by typing your domain name. (Imagine how many potential traffic it can be?) Also, easy to remember domain names are easier to spread by the word of mouth.

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Keep the name short

When the domain name is too long it gets confusing for the readers (Who wouldn’t be? Right?) and the bad part is you might risk them for mistyping or misspelling it. Although, it's hard to get shorter domain names these days, you shouldn’t risk your identity to end up with a super long domain name like Make sure to think of it twice and always remember that short and simple is the best way to go.

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Make it relevant to your target audience

Make sure to choose a domain that not only fits your business, but would also give you the edge to be found easily by your customers. Consider getting a domain name that best describes your Business, products or the services you offer. For example, if your business mainly offers PC repair, then you might want to consider getting a domain name of Make it relevant to your audience by allowing them to understand your business field with just your domain name.

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Protect your brand by buying the same name with most popular domain extensions

No one would ever like to have a similar website with just a different domain extensions from other website owners. In most cases these days, some people tend to buy similar website domain names with just a different domain extension to cyber squat the original owner (This is the practice of registering names, especially well-known company or brand names, as Internet domains, in the hope of reselling them at a profit.). You wouldn’t like to experience such thing and confuse your audience and let them think that these other domain extension that are similar site of yours are under your original one, right? So it is really recommended to have your brand registered with the same name with the most popular domain extensions.

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Use hyphens if needed

If ever the domain name that you like is already taken, for example, try adding hyphens between words so you can have an alternative to your liking. This also helps to improve readability and add value to your search engine rankings.

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Don't wait if you have a good domain name idea - register it now, as good domain names are worth a fortune.

If you already have a domain name in mind, never spend more time keeping it for tomorrow, the next day, the next month or for next year. Domain names sell quickly and you should know that you aren’t the only one that can possibly think of the same domain name. So go grab your yours! Gladly, we offer affordable domain names. Register now and start serving your business to your audience!

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